ROI bounding box export to DICOM RT

Is it possible to export ROI bounding box annotations to DICOM RT (I know it is not the perfect export type, but I need it to be DICOM RT)? When I export it, and import it back it doesn’t show what I expect (contours).

Here is what I’m doing in more detail:

  1. I have loaded a study and drawn a 3D bounding box

  2. I put the MarkupsROI under the CT series in data hierarchy

  3. Right click on the Series and select RT as the export type

  4. It creates bunch of dicom files, but none are RT struct

Hi Alireza,

Annotation objects cannot be exported to DICOM RT structure sets, only segmentations. So from the study you want to export, only the CT is actually considered. I’m not aware of an easy way to convert ROI node to segmentation node. What I can suggest is that you define the ROI using Segment Editor’s Scissors effect. If you replace the MarkupsROI node with that segmentation node in your sucbject hierarchy and do the export the same way then the ox should be exported to RTSS.

Thanks Csaba for your reply.