Slicer save function creating copies of dataset instead of overwrite

I am not sure if this is how it is supposed to work. But when i load the data folder i saved previously, slicer creates copies of all files and assigns them a suffix like ‘_1’ . If I were to save the data again after updating a few segmentations for example, everything gets saved along with suffixed duplicates, hence doubling storage and creating confusion, unless i manually unselect the suffixed duplicates.

Screenshot showing contents of folder loaded into slicer, there are no duplicates originally:


After loading the folder above, slicer creates copies of everything and suffixes them (so that if I were to save everything again, there will be duplicates):



One way this could happen is if you use Add Data to load a MRML into Slicer twice (e.g. running Slicer instance where the MRML file was already open). Then the _1 suffix is added in Slicer for each node, and when you go to save then Slicer saves two copies. If this is the problem, then make sure to use File->Close Scene before loading a MRML file.