Duplicate data in MRML tree


After loading a CT DICOM file, then saving the data, closing the scene, and then opening the data again, I seem to end up with duplicate data in the MRML tree, similar to what is described here:


The response to that question recommended to use “Close scene”, but this is something I always do, so that is not the solution in this case. In addition, I often get several “Default Scene Camera” items in the Data module.

Below is an example where I’m ending up with two copies of a volume initially called L_PreOp. The reason I’m asking about this is that when I worked on registration between two CTs, then saving data and loading data, I end up with duplicate data where half of the items have names with the suffix _1, as described in the link above.

Here are some screenshots of the process, showing the Data module between each step:

After Slicer startup:

After loading the DICOM file:

After saving the data:

After File -> Close scene:

Adding the data that was saved:

After adding the data:

The nodes tab:

I’m using the latest Slicer 3d nightly build on Linux.

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Torquil Sørensen

You add one instance of the volume by loading the scene (mrml file) and you add the second instance by loading the image (nrrd file).

If you want to load a saved scene then double-click the scene file or drag-and-drop the scene file (not the entire folder) to the application window.

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