Short Slicer overview demonstration video?

In a couple of weeks, I (hopefully, along with @pieper!) will be demonstrating Slicer at the QIN annual face-to-face meeting. The format of that demonstration is to be determined (not by me), but there is a possibility that it won’t be possible to demonstrate the tool live, but instead it would only be possible to do by showing a short looping video of up to 2 minutes in length.

I am afraid I know the answer, but does anyone know of a recent 2-minute video that would show-case broad range of capabilities of Slicer?

The only one that would fit this purpose that I am aware of is the one below, which I created back in 2015. Would be great to have something more recent. But maybe it gives a good summary even today (and it fits the time budget!).

Maybe you could add clips of a few major new features, such as virtual reality, segment editor, and jupyter notebooks. We have a number of videos on the PerkLabResearch YouTube channel that you can use. If you have difficulty with downloading them then let me know and I can send them the video files.

Andras, it would need to be a single video, up to 2 minutes, and the features demonstrated should be related to cancer imaging and quantitative analysis. It would be best to have a video summarizing multiple features related to those capabilities, not just a demonstration of a single feature. Do you have something like this?

We don’t have summary video of many features but you can find 1-2 minute videos that have short sections that you can insert into yours. We can also help recording videos of some more features that you think would be good to show:

  • We should probably add some radiation therapy features: RT dose map, dose volume histogram, RT plans, beams, etc. display.
  • We could show some IGT: surgical guidance, for example breast tumor resection with electromagnetic navigation and ultrasound imaging (we could even include videos recorded in the OR), brachytherapy planning, etc. This is a particularly strong area of Slicer.
  • I saw you have a few-second cut of tractography seeding - we can do that now in virtual reality.
  • Maybe Segment Editor could be shown in a few couple-of-second cuts (e.g., how Grow from seed creates complete segmentation, Scissors can cut off or partition an existing segment).
  • Jupyter notebook, Python console in Slicer (just show that you type a command and something happens).

Andras, thank you. Those are really good suggestions, I just don’t think I will have time to edit a new video. Maybe some folks can do it quickly, but the one I showed above took me quite some time, and I know I won’t have that much time between now and the QIN meeting. Let’s just keep this in mind for the future. May be a good student project for those of us who have regular flow of students (I am not part of that crowd).