Showing grids in the viewer

Is it possible to show grids in the viewer like this?

Yes, one way to do that is to make an identity transform and turn on display. Go to transforms module, create a linear transform, then turn on ‘visible in slice views’. I changed the lookup table to make it white instead of black.


Is it possible to show grids in the 3D viewer for regions: Red, Yellow, Green at the same time? Please see the attached image. Or can this be done using some other module?

There are lots of options for displaying various grids in 2D and 3D. Over the past few decades we also developed a number of other techniques to convey spatial relationships, distances, etc. between objects. Can you tell a bit about what you would like to achieve?

Thanks for your reply.
I like to display the segmented volume in a 3D XYZ coordinate system (grid). Please let me know how to do it. Using the transform module, it shows a box of grid and the segmented object is not nicely visible. Please see the image in the previous post.

Can you tell what is your end goal? Why would you like to show grid planes?

The volume of the segmented object will change over time. I want to show the 3D segmented objects in two windows side by side. 3D grid planes help to understand that they are 3D objects.