showViewControllers(False) removes annotations

Operating system: windows
Slicer version: 3D Slcier 4.11.0-2019-06-23

Expected behavior: While I try to use
via the instruction here:, I wold like to see annotations of mine still there

Actual behavior: Right now while I use cap.showViewControllers(False), all my own annotations disappear as well.

Is there a way I may use cap.showViewControllers(False) on the same time keeping my annotations on? Thanks a lot.

I could not reproduce this. What annotations do you mean? Could you attach a screenshot and mark what you are missing?

I first load an image and with some annotations created by:
as shown on the following screen shot:

then I do:
import ScreenCapture
cap = ScreenCapture.ScreenCaptureLogic()

after the above, I do have such screen shot as follows:

so you see, my own annotation has been gone after showViewControllers(False).

Thanks a lot!

DataProbe module uses corner annotations to display information. You can override it temporarily but on the next update, DataProbe will reset the displayed texts. Apparently, showViewControllers triggers a DataProbe update, so you need to set your custom corner annotation after calling showViewControllers.

Thanks a lot! It works!

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