Skeletal representation

i am following the tutorial of skeletal representation ( But there is SkeletalRepresentationRefiner in the tutorial:
and i just can find Initializer and Visualizer in the modules list.
Also, the tutorial said
image . While I can not find the S-rep

Can someone help me see where the problem is?
Thanks in advance!

I’ve tried another way to install the SkeletalRepresentationRefiner module via github. But when i built the s-rep extension using command cmake, the error occurred.

So i can not install the extension via souce code.
Can someone help me please?

Hi Dyatsen,

The s-rep extension is not yet shipped in Slicer binary. I suggest you build it from its source.

I assume there is no Slicer built in your machine. This page: will help you in building Slicer. Note the versions of software required.

After building Slicer, you need to configure the Slicer_DIR for the extension. Overall, the extension relies on Slicer. Building it with CMAKE is analogous to building your projects in windows with Visual studio: for example, if project A uses libraries provided by project B, you need compile and bulid project B first and then add it into your build configurations for project A.

Hope this helps.