SRep module is not loading from SkeletalRepresentation extension

Hello Team,

I installed the “SkeletalRepresentation” Extension from " @KitwareMedical/slicer-extensions-webapp"

I used the Slicer Extension Manager feature to do the same. But the module is not loading. Kindly see attached screenshots:



Is there something that has to be done to enable the same? Requesting for help on the same.

In Slicer-5.2.2 on Windows the module shows up. What Slicer version and operating system do you use?

Sir, I am using Slicer-5.3.0 (Windows).

Does it work well if you use the latest Slicer Stable Release (currently Slicer-5.2.2) and you install the SkeletalRepresentation extension using the Extensions Manager in Slicer?

Sir, Yes it works on Slicer-5.2.2. Also, yes I used the Extensions Manager in Slicer.