slicer.modules.markups.logic().AddNewFiducialNode() does not work in preview release

slicer.modules.markups.logic().AddNewFiducialNode(“test_fid_node”) does not work in the nightly build 4.13.0-2022-02-06. When this line of code is executed ‘’ (empty string) is returned.

It works in the stable release 4.11.20210226

This is working for me using the most recent Windows preview 4.13.0-2022-02-09. Could you try updating to that version and let us know your OS?

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This specific method was broken on this one day (4.13.0-2022-02-06) due to a typo error in It was fixed the next day in which would’ve been (4.13.0-2022-02-07).


Thanks! It works with the current preview build (2022-02-09) I somehow didn’t think of trying it on the newest version, I’ll make sure to do this in the future

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