Slicer quarterly releases

With the past talk of quarterly releases of Slicer stable, is that still the plan moving forward with Slicer 5?

Slicer 5.0.2 packages were uploaded and available for download at starting around May 20th [source]. Downloads of the Slicer stable have been fairly consistent since this date. With May 20th being the first public release of Slicer 5.0, a quarterly release would indicate a schedule of around August 20th for the next stable release (Slicer 5.2).

Is Slicer 5.2 expected to come out here in a couple weeks then?

Download stats: Slicer download stats


That is still the plan moving forward. I am planning to give a bit more breathing room since finishing the 5.0 marathon, and having 5.2 in September, and starting the quarterly schedule from there