Slicer RD (radiation dose) recording file

Hi Developers,

I have a question regarding some of the numbers that I see on the segment editor. Basically, I have a RD file, (Radiation dose file) with dose up to maximum of about 32 Gy. I wanted to threshold hold such that I can see 50% dose threshold, i.e. 16 Gy. I was thinking of using segment editor module with threshold functionality. If you see the screenshot that was uploaded, the max threshold is about 3327560.00, does this correspond to ~ 32 Gy that I see in the treatment planning system? and if so, if I end up creating a 50% threshold range to the max and creates a segment editor, that thresholds all the value and only segments the value about 50% of the radiation dose recorded?

Thank you!


I would recommend to install SlicerRT extension and load this series as a dose volume. They use some special fields that define voxel value scaling, which are not used when you load it as a generic image.

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