Slicer Training course in Lyon, France

Kitware will be holding a Slicer training course on March 20th 2020 in Lyon, France.

This one-day course will cover the Slicer interface, the loading, manipulation, annotation and saving of dataset and an introduction on writing your own modules/plugins in Python.

Please visit our website for more information, registration details and other trainings (ITK, VTK, ParaView…):

Note that the course will be taught in English.


Wow i wish i can join but im here in Philippines

Hello Julien,

Is it possible to learn more about this course that might be of interest to some people in my company?
(No worries about language)

Kind regards


Original non-translated message

Bonjour Julien,

Est-il possible d’en apprendre davantage sur ce cours qui pourrait intéresser certaines personnes dans mon entreprise?
(Pas de souci pour la langue)



Hi Gauthier,
I’ll reply to you in PM.