Training in October in Lyon, France

Dear all,

Kitware will be holding a Slicer training course on October 17th 2017 in Lyon, France. This one-day course will cover Slicer interface, loading and manipulating dataset and an introduction on writing your own modules/plugins.

Please visit our website for more information, registration details and other trainings (ITK, VTK, ParaView…):

Note that the course will be taught in English. If you have any questions, please contact us at training at or email me directly.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Lyon,

Hi Julien,

this is excellent. I would strongly recommend to use the new segment editor instead of the old editor. Completely rearchitected and contains a lot of interesting technology.

Also, the registration visualization in the transforms module is relatively recent and I am not sure if you have seen it.



Hi Julien, will this also be recorded (for different time zones) or
streamed (for compatible ones)?


Hi Ron,

Yes, the new segment editor will be taught. I already taught that new editor and users loved it ! I think I’m up to date with the Transforms module.

The current “stable” version is typically used for training. And if a new feature is worth it (e.g. the new segmentation editor), the nightly may be a requisit.


Hi Tina,

No, the teaching will not be recorded nor streamed. Sorry about that.