SlicerLookingGlass Extension: Slicer models are stretched and distorted on the Quilt


When generating a quilt using the SlicerLookingGlass Module, the Slicer model becomes stretched, resulting in a blurry and distorted image on the Looking Glass Portrait. See image below. I have a cube model which is elongated as a rectangular prism in the quilt.

When I first encountered blurriness on the Looking Glass Portrait I was able to resolve it by changing settings in Windows so that the scaling of the Looking Glass was at 100% instead of 250%.

Strangely, the blurriness of the display has returned despite the Windows scaling still being set at 100%.

I also notice that the quilt produced by Slicer is a 9x5. Is there a way to change the source code of the SlicerLookingGlass extension so that the quilt can be an 8x6, which is recommended by Looking Glass Factory for my Portrait display?

@jcfr can you help with this?

Thanks for the details report.

The SlicerLookingGlass needs to be updated to build against the latest version of the associated VTK modules.

Waiting we allocate resources to work on this, let me know if you would some guidance to work on the update.