Some errors with the new Slicer when starts

As is shown in this picture

what’s wrong with the module named ‘EditorLib’

Is it important?

The “Editor” module had been a legacy module and was finally removed.

It appears that SlicerDMRI still has a reference in a testing module that was using it. It appears @simonoxen has already issued a PR to try to fix the failed import.

It appears that maybe @pieper or @ljod are helping to maintain SlicerDMRI? Unclear if this extension is still actively maintained, as in, should developers still be spending time trying to fix it up for latest Slicer? Has funding ceased? Has the project concluded?

Thanks for the heads up - I merged that PR.

No, this was just an error message from a self-test of the module. It shouldn’t have had any impact on using the rest of the extension.

There are still active and funded projects that use SlicerDMRI, but like a lot of infrastructure code it’s hard to get dedicated support for maintenance. Community contributions like the PR from @simonoxen are very much appreciated! :+1: