Threshold Error on segmentation and does not show 3D reconstruction

Operating system: Windows 10 Pro
Slicer version: 4.11.20210226

Hi, I did some segmentations on a TIFF file and obtained the 3D reconstruction of the structures.
After some problems with the ruler bar (that I set after the segmentation), I tried to do a new segmentation with the same TIFF file, starting from the beggining.

I tried the segmenattion by threshold for 4 times, and the software returned with a failed segmentation (see picture), with some squares in the 2D images. Consequently, I couldn’t also get the 3D reconstruction when I press “Show 3D”

@Andreza can you provide screenshots of what the Volume Information is for your master volume that you used for segmentation and your segment geometry. For volume information go to volumes module and expand Volume Information tab get a screenshot and paste.

For segment geometry, click this button

Hi, it goes

Volume information

And segment geometry

As you can see, they do not match, which suggest to me that you modified the image spacing value in your master volume after you created your segmentation object, as opposed to before.

So delete all the segmentation objects in your scene, right click on your volume and choose segment this, then proceed your segmentation.

Let us know if you encounter anymore issues.

Yes, as I said, I modified the pixel size information after the segmentation was done, which I think, it explains the pixeled ROI or green quadrates.

I did more than 100 segmentations already.
Because of this, I would use only the segmentations and their 3D reconstructions (without the ruler bar), but after some attempts to correct the ruler, the 3D reconstruction was gone (I only can observe the 2D images instead of 3D.

You can use the method I described here to correctly scale your existing segmentations and your volumes.