Topic tags assignment

(Andrey Fedorov) #1

Can someone please enable the feature to allow users assign tags?

In other instances of Discourse, I see this is typically the default.

At the very least, the submitter of the topic should be able to assign tag to the topic being created!

(Andras Lasso) #2

Do you mean that you cannot create new tags or cannot choose from existing tags?

All users should be able to assign tags and users above trust level 1 (very basic) should be able to enter new tags. You are already at trust level 2, so you should be able to create new tags.

It’s probably a good idea to keep the trust level 1 threshold for new tag creation to prevent first-time posters to create new tags. Currently, trust level 1 can be achieved by entering 5 topics, reading 5 posts, and spending 10 minutes on the site.

(Andrey Fedorov) #3

I don’t know what is my trust level, but I was unable to create a new tag when I tried.

(Andras Lasso) #4

Was it from a mobile browser? How did you try to create the new tag? Can you share a screencast that shows your attempt?

(Isaiah Norton) #5

I changed “create new tags” from TL3 to TL1 shortly after @fedorov’s first post, but didn’t have a chance to respond.

(Andrey Fedorov) #6

Thanks, it is working now.