Ubuntu dockerbuild environment

Yesterday in the devs hangout we discussed about making a dockerbuild environment for testing 3D Slicer in newer Ubuntu distributions. I’ve looked at the existing ubuntu-2004-gcc9/Dockerfile and have a few questions:

  1. The existing Ubuntu environments in the current dockbuild all match xx.04 releases. Did I understand correctly that we want to prepare an ubuntu-2010-gcc10 environment?

  2. These environments come with a thin layer of core packages provided by the package-manager (e.g., libssl-dev and curl) and scripts to build/install some other packages (e.g., install-cmake-binary.sh and build-and-install-git.sh). Why do some packages rely on the package-manager while others don’t? Should the version of the scripted packages (e…g, ARG CMAKE_VERSION=... correspond to that of the packages in the package-manager?

  3. There are some Slicer dependencies that are not considered in dockbuild (e.g., Qt). What to do with these?

Thank you.

Hey :wave:

20.04 is an LST release and 20.10 will reach end of life in less than 6 months (July 2021 as said here)

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For 3:

Once we have the dockbuild image set up, we will create an image for Slicer (see SlicerBuildEnvironment ) that takes care of Qt. The Qt stuff can be non-trivial, so if when you get to that point you find you are having issues, I can help out with that.

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This scripts are copied from dockcross using this script.

There are useful to (for example) ensure we have a specific version of CMake available in all images.

If someone has bandwidth, it would be great to work on these issues as well: