Update related to available CDash projects

As originally discussed in hangout from 2019-03-26, and later tracked in issue #4644, build reports associated with Stable and Preview builds are submitted to dedicated CDash projects hosted at https://slicer.cdash.org:

Now that we are moving forward with Slicer 5.0, there is no need to keep around the older Slicer4 CDash project and it has been removed (see issue #6063).

For future reference, here are some historical details:


The Slicer4 project was created in Sept 2010 [1] and was used until Feb 2018 to organize both Stable and Nightly (now called Preview) submissions.

Then from Feb 2018 to April 2022, the Slicer4 project was used to organize the extensions build associated with the stable release [2].

Between 2010 and 2022, 254367 builds have been submitted to Slicer4 project.

Starting with Slicer 5.0, the Slicer4 project is defunct and a new project called SlicerStable is used [3].

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