VMTK Centerline Computation error


I want to use VMTK Centerline Computation. However, I get the following error after using the Preview button (it isn’t even possible to use the Start button):
‘local variable ‘vtkvmtkComputationalGeometry’ referenced before assignment’.
I used Slicer 4.10.2 on Windows. I also tried to use the VMTK extension in Slicer 4.11.0, but it says it’s not available for that version.

I’m following the tutorials and can’t find what’s wrong. Can someone please help me?
Thank you.

Use latest Slicer Preview Release. There is a few-hour gap every morning the new nightly Slicer build is already available but not all the extensions yet. By now SlicerVMTK extension is already built (see dashboard).

Thank you, it works!
I downloaded the latest Release again and now I can install the VMTK extension.

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