Volume measurement of the vessel model


I have printed a vessel model (3D) and would like to use the main branch (approx. 5.6mm) with a syringe /cannula (approx.3.5mm) to introduce a liquid to determine the volume of the vessel.

My problem is the transition from the main branch to the syringe/cannula. Is there an idea for this?

One could also provide a cover with a precisely fitting opening for the cannula when designing the model.

It is important that no liquid escapes, otherwise the result would be falsified.

see attached sketch

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There is no need to print the model, you can measure segment volumes in model (using “Segment Statistics” module) much more accurately than in a physical model.

You can draw tubes in the segmentation using “Draw tube” effect (provided by SegmentEditorExtraEffects extension).

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