Zoom in/out mouse controls and orientation not working in a a slice view outside the view layout

Hi everyone,

I follow the scrypt repository example for adding a slice view outside the view layout and it works straightforward but I have some trouble with volumes managing.
1.- Mouse controls (zoom, move, scroll slices) don´t work
2.- Orientation Presets ComboBox just show “Reformat”.
3.- Volume ReSlice Driver Module let me change Orientation but it doesn´t update properly when I change “mode” or “rotation”, just when I change “driver”

Thanks on advance

Hi - Please provide a small reproducible example script.

I was able to reproduce the problem using the example in the script repository.

The script has to be tuned a bit because initialization is slightly different since event handling is moved to widgets. I’ll post an update once I figured out what exactly need to be changed.

I’ve updated the example script (slice logic had to be registered with the application), view interactions work now.

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Thanks @lassoan, works like a charm.

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