5.4 VR testride

Short 5.4.0 VR testride (Windows 11, Quest 2, connected with USB Link cable)
Installing the VR extension was without error.

The model appears in free space after pressing the VR button - approximately 5 x the size of the model in distance - 45 deg above the viewer.
You can move the model in and out (one direction only) with the right controller joystick.
“Grip” function does not work.
You can not rotate the model by grabbing it with the grip buttons of both controllers.
However, you can somehow move the model with the right controller and the right trigger button as soon as the model is very close to you.
The JSON files are at the expected place.

The left “b” button of the controller works and displays the menu.

Thanks for the report @rbumm ! I’ll try this in the next few days.

Sorry @rbumm I just got around to try VR.

All the interactions work for me: flying with joystick, world manipulation using both grip buttons (i.e. 3D pinch), grab and move objects with trigger.

I tried it with Slicer 5.4.0 and also custom app build I did on August 8. The difference is that in 5.4.0 the 4D pinch is “not reliable”, see in the video below. It is quite strange because it seems to be location-specific, although I haven’t done much testing.

So I think if some of these don’t work for you at all, then it must be a configuration issue, likely something that can be fixed in the corresponding JSON file. Unfortunately I cannot help much with that, I haven’t had to edit these files so far, but I guess trying to shuffle the button IDs would be worth a try.

Thank you for the feedback, @cpinter. I will do more Quest 2 related VR tests when I return from traveling in about two weeks.

@cpinter @rbumm
We have a few years old HTC Vive Pro. Is that still supported in SlicerVR?

As there is a

they might still be supported.

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It is supported, we have the same device too and it worked well a few months ago.

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