can not install Looking glass extension

I use Windows 10 with My Looking Glass. I’m following the install and use video. I’m at the point where I do a search for the Looking Glass extension but it does not show up. The page states it has 87. I look down I’m using the preview slicer per the video. Also when I close the Slicer I get an error about some CTKWidget.dll not found. I tried to install it twice.

The SlicerLookingGlass extension is available for recent Slicer Preview Releases:

Do you use the very latest Slicer Preview Release? If it does not show up, can you take a screenshot of your Extensions Manager after you type look in the searchbox?

Thanks, I must have had download problems this afternoon.

I download Slicer again. This time the Looking Glass icon does not show up. I can uninstall it so It must be there so what should I do?

You right-clicked on the toolbar area, so you can select there which toolbars are shown. Click on the search icon (magnifier glass) in the module selection toolbar to open a module.

I’m getting there, Thanks for the help. The video is telling me to load the sample data. How do I get back to that screen from here? I do have it set to 3D only per the video.

You can use the module selector to open the “Sample Data” module.

The video wants me to load the CTA but I get this error. I’m I missing something? What other samples can I try and what would be the volume settings?

Maybe download fails because you are behind a corporate/hospital firewall. You can download the file angio CT dataset using this link and drag-and-drop the file to the Slicer window to load it.