Creating a volume from 4D Echo

I’ve been able to import 4D echo DICOMs, but need a little help with the next step to create a volume render.

I’ve gotten to this step, and expected that I would see a volume render in the white box, but I must be missing a step?

We’ll soon (when the accompanying journal paper gets accepted) release our cardiac volume rendering module that uses noise filtering, fine-tuned transfer functions, and a special volume rendering shader (depth-dependent coloring) to produce images that have similar appearance to what you see on commercial systems.

Until this module is released, you can use the built-in volume rendering module, start from the US-Fetal volume rendering preset, and tune the transfer functions manually. You may also try to reach out to the PI, Dr Matt Jolley to see if you can get early access to the module.

Thanks -

I feel like I must be missing a step. I’ve got the US-Fetal preset selected, but still only seeing my 3 planes but no volume render.


It looks like you are not using the very latest Slicer version. Please install the latest Slicer Preview Release. If the volume still does not appear then you can try disabling “depth peeling” and then enabling it again.

This worked with the most recent preview version of slicer. Thanks!