Shortening email delay

@admins Would anyone have a problem if I change “email time window mins” to 0?

The reason is to shorten the response time for conversations for people (like me) who use mailing list mode. I typically see posts via email, then open the web interface to reply. But it would be nice to know the state of the conversation before opening the tab.

The purpose of the delay seems to be in order to give people a chance to edit posts before the email goes out if they accidentally hit send too soon. But I don’t see this as a common enough thing to slow down the communications.

From what I can see zero seems to be a good setting for this.

I wish this was a per-user setting. One potentially unintended consequence of this is that if a thread is very active, this will result in a much higher frequency of email notifications, which (depending on user preferences) can be annoying.

I think it will be the same frequency of notifications, they will just come 10 minutes earlier, right?

I mean, if I do a post, and then in the next 10 minutes I get 10 responses to that post, I would get 1 email notification with the current settings (which would include all 10 responses in the thread), and 10 with the updated settings (1 after each response)? Or maybe I don’t understand the setting correctly.

I haven’t tried it, but I believe that if you are in mailing list mode you will get one message notification per post in either case, just offset by this delay.

If you are in summary mode you will still get like one a day or every so many posts or something.

I believe they changed this setting for the vtk discourse because I seem to get the emails right away in mailing list mode. This behaves like github, where watched issue emails appear right away. I find the fast response more convenient.

Ah, got it. In this case I am fine either way.

Hearing no other objections I’m going to try setting the delay to 0 minutes. It means that sometimes emails will be sent even though someone goes back to edit their post, but I’ve seen that happen even with the current 10 minute delay.