Default settings for discourse users

(I tried to post this to the discourse config topic but new users can only post 3 messages into one topic)

Can we set to send responses in email by default for topics that a user posted or replied to?

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It should be doing so already – I’ve been getting notification emails for topics I interacted with. They don’t happen immediately though, the setting email time window mins controls this, and is at default 10 min right now.

Sounds good, thank you. It was not obvious for me if emails are sent or not because I was logged on the site. We should just include this piece of info in our “migration guide” for users.

Shouldn’t we set up the default so that users get emails about all topics in Announcements?

Is there a way to increase the number of images a user can upload ? When I tried to upload images … I could only do one at a time. May be we could increase to three images ?

I’ve increased max image upload 1->3 and also increased max number of attachments 0->1 (in Admin / Settings / Postings). If we find that spammers take advantage of this then we can cut back the limits.

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Done. The setting is default categories watching.

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