GUI resizing issues in Linux version

Dear all,

OS - Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS

This is an issue that was there as long as I could remember on Slicer versions and I was hoping it would be corrected at some point.

When we first install and run the slicer it fits perfectly to the laptop display. (irrespective of the screen size and resolution) .

if i change the font size this is done especially when I am working with a 2nd much large display it works well too. But however when I remove the 2nd display and revert back to the laptop display only the GUI does not fit in. When I go to change the font size even the apply button cannot be seen! Even we adjust the fonts size with and reduce the font size these windows never fit in afterwards as you can see in the screenshot. Only way to get the fit in back is to change the resolution of the screen it self to a different aspect ratio. Still the changes are not permanent and if I change the aspect ratio the same happens.

Screenshot from 2020-10-05 08-07-26|690x388

I am not sure this is a problem with the Slicer or the QT but I am posting it so that the developers are aware of this if they are already not.

thank you.