How to copy segment between multi-Sequence MRI images

Operating system: mac
Slicer version: 4.8

Dear all,
i have constructed some segments in T1+contrast axial images, but i also want to construct same segments in T1 and T2 axial images,then export all segments as RT structures based on this three different images,but i don‘t know how to deal with it. Does any body can help me?

This all sounds feasible. How far have you got? Do you have any specific question?

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Thanks for your help!
Now i know how to construct segment,and how to export as RT structure!but i don‘t know how to construct same segment in other MRI sequence,then export as RT structure!any suggestion?thanks

Add new segments, select the other MRI image as master volume, and segment structures using that volume.

Install SlicerRT extension and follow instructions in DICOM module documentation.

yes, i know this step, but i want to know how to link the fist construct segment with other master volume, i need to make sure the segment in all MRI sequences are the same。
thanks for your reply!

Hello,Professor Lassoan!
How to estimate the data notes are in a DICOM-compliant hierarchy and can be exported to DICOM files?
Best wishes!

When you export an RT structure set, it is always associated with the volume that is in the same DICOM study. To export the same structure set for different volumes, copy or move the segmentation node into each study and then export the study.

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ok, got it. I will try! thanks