How to see the 3D rendering of my .tiff ?


I’m new here and in the 3D field.

For my university project, I’ve scanned some bone ( I study archeology and paleonthology ) with the software avizo. Before the lockdown, I’ve been enable to recover all my .tiff generated by the software. I opened all my .tiff like that :

Add Data > Select the first image > Option -> Uncheck “Single File”

And I’ve this result :

But I don’t know how to see the 3D rendering. You can see the settings of the Volume rendering menu… I’ve try to move the cursor of the " shift " like when I try the software with the preset already installed ( I’ve try the brain and the chest. The shift cursor allow me to move from a " black box " to the form needed " ).

Someone to help me ?

Thanks a lot !

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It looks like the CT is not calibrated properly (it is not uncommon for non-clinical scanners), so you need to adjust the “Shift” slider manually to compensate for the incorrect image offset/scaling.