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I am an archaeology student trying to figure out how to use 3D slicer to mathematically define landmarks (and maybe semi-landmarks) on some models that I have. I have been doing reading and watching videos about this topic but I keep running into technical issues and would really like to meet with someone virtually for help. I will pay $60/hour. Please let me know if you’re interested.

Did you check the tutorials we have for SlicerMorph? GitHub - SlicerMorph/Tutorials: SlicerMorph module tutorials

It covers all aspects of landmarking in context of geometric morphometrics. You want to focus on Markups and GPA tutorials (if you already know how to create/import a 3D model and interact with it in 3D Slicer).

Also mathematically defining landmarks is often easy on paper, but can be challenging to make it work from sample to sample.

Hello, I have around 4 years of experience in using and developing with 3D Slicer. I have a good understanding of statistical shape models and have conducted research on automatic recognition of landmark points on models. If you have any related requirements, feel free to contact me.

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I’m looking for an expert I’m looking for private tutor for SlicerDMRI extension ASAP. Are u available??

I’m sorry, but I don’t have time available in the near future. Perhaps you can post your question on a forum, where someone will be able to assist you.

Actually I don’t need a long work it’s only three MRI images and I want to do tractography, FA, MD, RD,AD, color coded maps and how to do regeneration. And also it’s not free free lesson. I’m really seeking for help

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