New video tutorial for Segment editor - whole-heart segmentation from CT

This is the second part of a video tutorial series that teaches how to use Segment editor. This tutorial explains how to segment whole heart (heart ventricles, atria, and great vessels) from cardiac CT volumes. Used effects: Paint, Grow from seeds, Smoothing, Surface cut.

Please post your comments here about how useful this tutorial format is, what did you like/what to improve, what topics/techniques/anatomical structures you would be interested in upcoming tutorials.


Nice work.
How can I disable “Grow from seeds” update when I am correcting the segmentation (painting)?
Sometimes I made mistakes and the “undo” button does not help.

If you delete seeds (or undo painting seeds) then you need to go to “Grow from seeds” effect, click Cancel and click Initialize again. See more information about “Grow from seeds” effect here.

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Thanks, that was helpful.