Grow from seeds stopped editing during Whole Heart Segmentation-PerkLab

Hi, I’m working on 3dp a canine caudal vena and kidneys for a clinical simulator. To learn how to use the Grow Seeds function I downloaded data and started Iassoan’s Whole Heart Segmentation from PerkLabs.
I get to the point of editing the Right Atrium and I can no longer grow seeds in the other segments. My Mask is set to Editable area: Everywhere/ Over write all. Editable intensity is unchecked. I am getting numerous error, warning messages. When I paint in other segments I see a faint brush stroke and other times nothing. What am I missing from the error/warning messages?
Thank you.

Never mind, I think I found out it was operator error and I’m not sure auto update was working.
I reloaded 4.11.20210226 and decided to segment the canine caudal vena and kidneys. It worked well.
Thank you.