No b0! Error with the brain masking process

We are starting to research Tractragraphy for 3d printing purposes and struggling to get the process started with our images. We have loaded all of our dwi images but run into a problem with the brain masking program returning an error saying we have no b0. We do indeed have a b0 in these files but something is getting lost. Is someone able to take a look at my files to help guide us back on tract?

Update. My files contain a Multivolume, each direction as a separate scalar, and a DWI volume. Exploring the metadata shows there is more then one b0 and the rest are showing as b800. When loaded and exploring the node information I see a ton of data. However, when I explore the sample data, it reflects a very clear b0 and subsequent set of coordinates for each image. So something with my data is not translating. Any guidance is welcome.

Can I suggest you try converting these images with dcm2niix. You could either run this directly from the command line, or you could install the Slicer Extension (select the View/ExtensionManager menu item and search for “SlicerDcm2nii”). Each vendor has their own method for storing gradient information in a DICOM, and each vendor has changed their storage over the years. Therefore, using a different conversion tool may help.

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That worked! Thank you.