openPlan (linking 3D Slicer with Blender)

Hello community members,
I’ve been holding out making this post but I think our project is ready to reach a broader audience of users and developers alike. I hope with this post to expose openPlan to the community of users and developers, and hopefully drive some interest. openPlan is open source and will always will be, as its capabilities are made possible by the openness of the 3D Slicer and Blender communities alike.

What is openPlan?
This is an addon extension that bridges functionality between 3D Slicer (a powerful medical imaging visualization and segmentation platform) with Blender’s powerful 3D modeling toolset. The aim is to provide a unified visualization and modeling workflow for the medical community.
Demo reel:
GitHub repository:
Drafted manual:

Goals and aims?
openPlan came to fruition out of necessity for free and/or open source alternatives to dental implant planning. However, as the addon grew in features and complexity so did our vision to have it be flexible enough to adopt across healthcare as a whole.
openPlan (previously LinkSlicerBlender) was used in our recent publication that assessed the accuracy of dental implant planning in 3D Slicer/Blender vs equivalent commercial software.

The openPlan addon is meant to facilitate interoperability and not replace or modify core 3D Slicer and blender functionality.
Our main goal is to grow the project further and assess its value within the medical community. Although the current state of the project is stable, much code organization/optimization and overall documentation (manuals, tutorials, and design specifications) needs to be completed.

Much much thanks goes to Dr. Patrick Moore, from D3 Tools, for spearheading this vision in 2017. Since then the project was updated, by Dr. Georgi Talmazov, to be compatible with the latest Blender and 3D Slicer releases along with the addition of some new features. There is substantial help and guidance provided by @lassoan when development was reaching dead-ends for 3D Slicer. Also, much gratitude to the slicer and blender communities for providing much of their knowledge accessible by the public internet.


Many congratulations and this is an excellent step in the right direction. Very much appreciate the hard work and this will be used widely in the dental community I believe. I will share this with my colleagues and thank you for the well-written paper.

Man, you are so far ahead that nobody followed you !
I have received the link to this post 5 minutes ago and I love your initiative.
It is a dream that comes true.

We may have things to share:
The posts on LinkedIn give an overview of some exercises and particular features:

If you do not mind, I will share your work on the LinkedIn page:
This is HUGE !!!

The links are broken.
Where can we find the add-on?