Parenchyma Analysis in CIP

Please help me to see how I can batch import dicom files from the dicom database in the python console of 3d slicer, and use CIP_ParenchymaAnalysis under the CIP_ParenchymaAnalysis library for processing and analysis, and export data. I need to process and export in batches, because I have hundreds of Patient’s dicom files

I want to load my CT files(.dcm),a large number to deal with,and using Parenchyma Analysis and finally to export this table

this is the table I want .I want to use python console to deal with a large number of CT files and use Parenchyma Analysis in Python console and export this table

You should probably start looking at the Script Repository and learn some Python. Alternatively, you could hire a programmer or consult ChatGPT for program snippets.

All your requests can be realized relatively simply.

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This type of batch workflow stuff would probably be a job for SlicerPipelines.

@rbumm Do you know if Parenchyma Analysis works with SlicerPipelines or could easily be made to work with it?

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I have not worked with SlicerPiplines before, just tested it a bit but do not see how I could integrate DICOM import or Parenchyma analsis in this extension … do you ?

Load DICOM files from a folder

Call a module (here Segmentstatistcs)

Thanks a lot.I will try this tutorial.

I don’t konw it.But I think maybe I can look throught the source code and try to run it in my scene.Thanks a lot.