Problems to connect to the discourse forum from UofM


Lucia Cevidanes, Priscille de Dumast and Clement Mirabel havent been able to connect to our forum. I am posting their problems on their behalf since they cant access the forum.

Clement says:

Have you been able to go on the website via your laptop? I can only connect with my smartphone.

Lucia says:

I cannot access it from my laptop either. Can you please try the imacs too? Thanks!

Priscille says:

I tried all day long yesterday from the lab on my laptop without success, but I was finally able to log in yesterday evening at home!
Now everything works fine both on my laptop and on the iMacs.

Could there be a problem with the Eduroam wifi with this website?

Any idea of what might be happening?
Thank you!


Do you have any more information about what happens? If the response is “URL not found” then my guess would be there was some hang-up in propagation of the DNS update which added (CNAME for)

Could you have them try:

  • ping in a command prompt/shell
  • temporarily changing their DNS server to & (Google DNS servers)? Be sure to write down the old settings…
  • ping again, and try force-reloading the page (command-shift-R/ctrl-shift-R on mac/windows)

There’s some other less likely possibilities, but let’s eliminate the simple one first.

The ping command is fine

And changing the DNS server changed neither the connection nor the ping answer.

That’s odd… so, probably not network problem. Are they using the same browser? What is the error message? Can they reach the landing page, but then get a login error? Can they open or some of the other hosted customers? (see list here:

I guess it is possible the domain is blocked, but usually they would get a specific notice about that.

From email follow-up: the problem only happens on some wifi networks, but works fine on others. They are going to contact university IT.