Semantic search for this forum

It seems we still get a lot of repeat questions from newcomers to this forum, and that it’s still sometimes a challenge to find previous posts.

It seems that the discourse meta and openai discourse would be the places where experiments in LLM/AI semantic search tools would be happening and there seems to be some progress.

Is any of this ready for us to use?

Yes, AI features are available in our Discourse instance - see tons of options here:

However, I don’t know how to configure it. Maybe we need to enter keys of some paid ChatGPT subscription.

Yes, I saw the config options but didn’t know what to do with them either.

Before entering any paid GPT info I’d hope we’d know how much it might cost if people start using it a lot. Also I think what would be ideal if people could try using their own accounts or if would be to set up a way that a limited group of people could try it.

It’s also curious to me that the posts I found are about 6 months old and I didn’t find a way to use them to query the discourse meta or the openai discourse, which is where I thought they would be exposed first if they are working well. Maybe they didn’t work as well in practice or are too expensive to expose publicly. Or maybe I missed them.