Unable to see moving segment on 3d view

I’ve performed segment registration on a ct and mri model
The models are aligned on the slice view but not on the 3d view
I’ve tried changing settings in data and segmentations modules without any luck
Thank you for you help

Which Slicer version do you use?

What does this mean exactly?

When I tried transforming a segmentation in the latest version, it moved in all views. So we need some more information to understand the issue and to reproduce it if it is an error.

I’m using 4.10.2
I’m so sorry - I didn’t express myself well. the models are well aligned on all slice views, however only one model (the fixed one) is appearing on the 3d view

No problem, just trying to understand the situation.

It seems to me that you use the Segment Registration extension. I tried it quite recently when I created the tutorial for the MRI-US Prostate Contour Propagation module, and it seemed to work properly.

If you go to the Segmentations module and select “Segmentation MRI”, then what do you see in the Representations section?

Yes - it was a ‘binary label map’ and I changed to ‘closed surface’ - this fixed the problem… thank you very much

Is there a way of making the colour map change according to the distance difference? I’ve used a similar function in mesh lab

Great, thanks for the update.

We’re trying to keep the forum posts on a single topic. Could you please submit a new one with the color mapping question? Thank you!

Yes of course. Thanks again