How to interpret discourse stats

@spujol and I are looking at the admin stats in order to report them to the NIH and our external advisors. According to the “Posts” section there were 9.5k posts in the last year and 297 on peak on October 17. But is that real? I’m signed up for mailing list mode and I get a lot of email, but not that much…


@jcfr, @lassoan, @fedorov (or anyone) do you have thoughts on this?

That’s weekly stats (see time difference between two data points). You can get detailed reports, too, for example:

Ah, yes, that does explain the 297 number. Thanks!

It still seems like a lot. For example, it says there wer 52 posts yesterday, and at 9.5k over the last year that’s an average of over 26 per day. I guess that’s right.


I exported as CSV the data for 2018 and the total is 9661