MultiVolumeImporter problem in DSCMRIAnalysis module

Dear Dr.Fedorov,

I’ve found another missing attribute in MultiVolumeImporter for input of DSCMRIAnalysis module.

I’ll send you the DSC dicom files via Email, because I cannot upload .dcm files here.
Could you please update this attribute?
Always thank you and look forward to your fabulous work!

All the best,
Kyu Sung

In this example (based on the dataset you shared with me in a separate communication), the issue is not in missing attributes, but that the series is not recognized as a multivolume at all. This could be due to various issues.

I’ve just tried to convert this dataset using dcm2niix, and that also failed with this message:

Slice positions repeated, but number of slices (319) not 
  divisible by number of repeats (65): missing images?

It could be that you did not download the complete series from TCIA, or it could also be the TCIA has an incomplete dataset.

From what collection on TCIA did you download that dataset?

Oh I didn’t notice it.
I’ve got the same error msg on my workstation, too.
Maybe I’d better exclude the data.

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