No longer receiving posts by mail

Since about 3 days, I’m no longer receiving any email for posts in the forum. This has been working for years. Turning ‘Mailing list mode’ to ‘On’ does not change anything.

For about 2 days before this, my mailbox was suspended by the provider, alleging a compromised mail account. This has been fixed.

Can you consider/hint for a fix ?

Thank you.

Interesting, we recently heard people having the opposite problem.

Since this is a hosted system from discourse we don’t have a lot of control. Maybe try contacting them or worst case creating a new account with a different address?

I’ve checked your account and the bounce score (number of bounced emails) was very high. I’ve reset the counter so probably you can receive emails again.

I messaged them before the worst case scenario. Thanks.

I’m starting to receive messages again, thank you so much.