Mailing list mode turned itself on?

Yesterday, I started getting emails for each message on the forum. This morning I tried to explain it to myself. I thought I accidentally created a new account and new accounts had “mailing list mode” turned on by default. But I just added my private email address as an alternate address to the profile, and realized that this is the same profile I have been using for a while.

Did anyone have a similar experience? Does anyone have an explanation for it?

I haven’t noticed any difference in my email notifications. We use a hosted Discourse and it gets updates regularly, so some behavior changes might be possible due to these, but not very likely.

If you still get unexpected emails then write me in a private message your email address where you get these emails to.

I went to settings and turned of “Mailing list mode”. The emails have stop, as expected. Since I don’t remember touching that setting, I don’t know why it happened. I thought, if I wasn’t alone, it might be some bug in Discourse.

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I had the same issue of suddenly getting many emails today. Thanks for letting me know how to fix it! Must be a bug or settings change somewhere.

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