Whats is the best volume rendering present for the human bronchus

Whats is the best volume rendering present for the human bronchus

CT-Air is a good preset:


(volume from public dataset)

Thanks, i have tried using different dicom images but could not get a clear presentation like this. Do you have any Images for the chest that can be this clear?

Sure, an option would be to use the CTChest from “Sample Data”:

or the DemoChestCT dataset from “Sample Data”:

But be aware: lungs will always be “in your way”. You could consider doing a real airway segmentation in order to see more details.

Still having issues getting a very good volume rendered output. Was that the output u got?. Can u send an stl file

Yes, those were outputs I got after careful “shift” slider movements in the Volume Rendering module (3D Slicer 5). The slider is very sensitive.

Volume renderings do not create models or segmentations that could be transformed into STL files.
Please see here for an explanation.

If your end goal is to have an STL file of the airways, I would really recommend you do a proper airway segmentation with your data. Segmentation tools are available ins Slicer (see “Segment Editor”), and semiautomatic AW segmentation can be done with the Lung CT Segmenter, part of the Lung CT Analyzer extension.
If that is not your end goal, pls describe it.

My end goal is to get the bronchus, as my research is related to that. I just need a clearer image, Just like the one you sent to me.

Here is a short video, slowly on purpose, subtitles may follow:

This Just did it!, Thanks a million. Truly appreciate.

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